Everything you need to know about clean sport

Our face-to-face clean sport workshops and webinars promote the values of clean sport and provide essential information to athletes and support staff. They are provided for free, delivered by a experiences athlete educator and can be tailored specifically for any audience or level or athlete. Each workshop lasts for about 45 minutes and includes the following:

  • an overview of the anti-doping rules;
  • discussion of the WADA Prohibited List;
  • how to avoid inadvertent doping using DFSNZ athlete support services;
  • a demonstration of a doping control test;
  • how to report doping, and;
  • distribution of resources to assist athletes in clean competition.

If athletes are unable to attend a clean sport workshop, they may be able to complete one of our clean sport e-learning courses.

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Whether you're an athlete playing at club level or support staff in the high-performance arena, a clean sport workshop will help you understand your clean sport rights and responsibilities. We can accommodate any ages and level of sport.

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