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Any athlete can be tested at any time.

We understand that going through the testing or doping control process can be unnerving, especially if it's your first time. Knowing what's going on helps you feel more comfortable, which is why we've outlined the process in a step-by-step guide below.

Watch athletes describe memorable testing experiences.

Your rights

The first time you’re tested it may be a little unnerving, but it will be easier if you know what to expect. If you are selected for testing, you’ll be advised of your rights and responsibilities.

Read about athlete rights during the testing process.

Your responsibilities

If you're selected for testing, your most immediate responsibility is to provide a sample. If you fail to do so, it may result in an anti-doping rule violation.

Once you have been notified that you will be tested, you have a responsibility to:

  • remain in sight of the doping control officer (DCO) personnel at all times;
  • report to the doping control station as soon as possible;
  • produce valid identification at the doping control station;
  • comply with the sample collection process.

What happens during the doping control process

Watch the video

Athletes Jessie Smith and Callum Gilbert take us through the doping control process and share the rights and responsibilities athletes have.

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